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The Benefits of Dance: Why is it Important?

Dancing to many is a source of enjoyment and socialising, as many children dance with their friends, learning new and fun routines! Dance is also mentally stimulating and is a useful stress relief and it also sparks imagination and emotion! It is a creative activity which is beneficial for the body and mind.

I took dance classes from the age of 8 to 16 and I found that it boosted my confidence and allowed me to be creative and active in a fun and engaging environment. My main dance styles that I participated in was ballroom, Latin, contemporary and street dance, so I gained new dance skills throughout my time there, so I was always improving! My school also engaged in bi-annual exams and dance fairs which gave us events to work towards, and my teachers pushed us to be imaginative and use our personality in dance, as a way to express ourselves. Dance for me has shaped the person I am today and allowed me to find who I was, by experimenting in routines and having strong friendships, and is an activity that I am intending on continuing when restrictions ease.

So, what are the benefits of dance? I feel like some of these many people would be aware of, however dance encapsulates a wide range of physical and mental benefits:

· Greater social skills

· Increased confidence

· Reduce stress and tension

· Boost memory

· Improve flexibility

· Increase balance

· Improved muscle tone

· Better coordination and agility

· Improved coordination

· Eases anxiety

· Increased endurance

Dance is also beneficial as it exhibits signs of teamwork, especially when working towards events or competitions and these improve confidence and dance becomes a space where a child can be themselves without judgement and boosts their creativity. One thing that stands out from dance is that it does not have to be in a class, it can be in the morning with your first coffee of the day, a happy dance to your favourite songs, or dancing with your friends and family which are the moments you will love and remember, as dance is good for the body and the mind and is extremely beneficial to your mood. Dance is one of the most enjoyable forms of exercise and who does not love a dance around the living room with your music on!

Written by Becca (Three Little Birds Volunteer)

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