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Atif Muneer

"I reached out to Three Little Birds for advice about how to lose weight and help combat my depression. I had a meeting on Zoom and was given hints to get my life back on track. Lime water, suggested walking and less meat. I began with the Lime Water and felt an instant benefit, I felt hydrated, my skin cleared, my sleep improved and I lost weight. This made me want to walk and use the momentum and I am still losing weight, gaining confidence and started believing in myself. Would highly recommend and would like to say, thankyou, you probably saved my life."

Mr Mistry

"Colin/Three Little Birds has been a tremendous help for me for some ongoing difficulties, be it a supportive ear or someone to express their struggles to. Colin has been consistent throughout the time I’ve worked with him. Being laidback and a good laugh. I’m glad to come across Three Little Birds after being in a place where I couldn’t engage with support that wasn’t as one to one with this. The system of one of one support with a volunteer certainly has its perks and this is one of them."

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