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Doncasters Newest Male Peer Support Group

St. Cath's hosts Doncasters Newest Male Peer Support Group

Three Little Birds are excited to bring this event to Doncaster's prime location for Health & Wellbeing. St Catherine's House at Woodfield Park. We have been talking about this for so long that it had to happen now, just as we enter Mental Health Awareness Month (May 2022). The theme of the 2022 Mental Health Awareness Week is 'Loneliness'.

Loneliness is so key post-pandemic, it's not that you're suddenly lonely or isolated. The fact is having time (possibly too much time) to think, slowing down and taking accountability is what has changed. "Accountability" has made a lot of us realise we are not where we hoped to be, we are not as resilient as we should be, and we are very dependent on other people, systems, and objects (toilet rolls, why on earth?).

If you want to join the group, fill out the form here:

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