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Well hello Friday........yay!

Easing into the weekend with a dollop of Friyay formally known as "The Friday Feeling" Yay.

You step into a muted morning lift at work, do a quick recon of the occupants in case the lift breaks down, and that’s when you notice the tell-tale signs. Dress code is down. Lift vibe is up. It’s Friyay peeps!

Friday! Like no other of the working week. Your colleagues greet you like you’re the prodigal son. Your jokes are funnier. The laughter is louder. You remind each other often, in the kitchen, at the coffee machine, in the corridor just passing time. - TGIF!

Seems like anything goes on Fridays.

Lunch breaks creep over the allocated times without question. When you slink back to work late, carrying bunches of shopping bags bursting with new stuff in preparation for the weekend ahead, suddenly everyone’s gathered around you, dying to see the bargains you’ve bagged.

On Fridays, it seems the normally elusive boss is more generous when you ask to knock off early to meet up with friends to kick start the weekend (cause he's outta there as soon as your out of sight).

In reality Friday, sorry yay, is a show & social kinda day, why not its Friyay after all?

Three ways you can bring that Friday feeling into your weekend:

1. Practice self-care

2. Share the Feeling

3. Be Charitable

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