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The Issue

We’re doing this blog because the Three Little Birds and the Me Project are working together to support families who have members with autism and are struggling during this pandemic. For people with autism, it can be difficult for them to navigate the changes and they can be easily upset by the change of daily routine. It is not easy for them to express their feelings of frustration and fears during these uncertain times and need our help more than ever.

Due to the restrictions proposed by the UK government, families with autistic children and adults have not been provided enough support from social care, education and the mental health services. It can make them feel abandoned and hopeless. 

These are the reasons we need to raise awareness for people with autism and families who are struggling. We aim to provide them with support in as many ways as possible. In this blog you could find relevant information about autism. We would like to provide a safe place for you to tell us about your struggles. We promise to do our best to help!

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