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Our Podcast Is Live!!

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Jane, a mother of a 11 years-old child Olivia who has recently been diagnosed with Autism. Jane is invited to join Andy and Nafeesah in the podcast to share her experience about autism from a parent’s point of view. She talks about the journey towards Olivia’s diagnosis of autism, how it changed the way to live as well as how they have been coping during the pandemic with such sudden changes.

She also talks about gender differences in diagnoses and gives advice to other families who have family members with autism. We are absolutely grateful and honoured to have Jane to tell us about the things that they have gone through. It’s absolutely educational and inspirational.

Our series ‘A brief look at Autism’ is split into three parts ‘Supporting Our Friends With Autism During the Pandemic’. You can choose which parts of their conservation around autism you want to listen to or you can choose to listen to all three parts all together.

Go to the link below to choose your platforms to listen to the podcast…/Supporting-Our-Friends-with-Autism…

Don’t forget we will have our webinars on Thur 10th Dec 6-7pm and Sun 13th Dec 3-4pm. Visit the previous post below and grab your tickets if you’re interested. See you there!

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