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An Exciting Update: Fundraising Wins And Future Plans

Updated: May 11, 2022

It's been an action-packed couple of weeks here at Three Little Birds! We're currently in a stage of incredible growth and we're happy to see all of our hard work paying off. We've seen Trent Women's Rugby complete their fundraising event; we've received a cheque from the Co-op Local Community Fund; and we're now looking to the future - planning what we're going to do with the donations that we've received.

Trent Women's Rugby Marathon Walk

On Saturday 13th November, Trent Women's Rugby embarked on a huge fundraising event in support of Three Little Birds: their marathon walk. Prior to the event, we interviewed Isla and Maddie - two key members of the organising committee - read the interview here!

Speaking about the day, a spokesperson for the TWR committee said:

'It was a great day for a great cause. We started off at about 11.15 and it took just over 4hrs for both teams to complete it (not including our stop for lunch). We’re so proud of everyone who took part and the amount we raised for such a fantastic charity!'
Sixteen young women, some wearing Three Little Birds t-shirts, posing in Nottingham
The lovely ladies from Trent Women's Rugby, all set to go!

The ladies raised a whopping £760 in total - Thank you TWR!

Co-op Local Community Fund Celebration Day

In March 2020, Three Little Birds had the great honour of being nominated as one of the charities for the Co-op Local Community Fund for Co-op stores in Sherwood and Carrington! Learn more about the Co-op Local Community Fund here!

Last Thursday, the 18th November was celebration day! We received our second (and final) payment from the fund!

Three Little Birds Founder Colin Haughton said:

'We are so grateful for the funds raised by the Sherwood co-op local community Fund! The donation will go towards a brand new project aimed at tackling childhood poverty, mental health, and obesity. The Project, titled 'Food, Mood & Movement' will raise awareness and support struggling children and their families.'
Colin Haughton posing with Co-op manager, holding a large cheque for £3287.06
Three Little Birds' Founder Colin, accepting the cheque from the Co-op.

Future Plans: Food, Mood & Movement

With the generous donations that we have received, we are looking to the future and how this money will be best spent.

We are working hard on developing our campaign - Food, Mood & Movement - which seeks to educate children in disadvantaged communities about all aspects of mental and physical wellbeing. The money we have received from TWR and the Co-op Local Community Fund will directly contribute towards the growth of this project.

Food, Mood & Movement is due to launch in 2022. Watch this space, and stay tuned for more information and updates!

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