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What We Can Or Can’t Do In The Third Lockdown

As we all know, Boris Johnson has announced the third lockdown in England yesterday. It’s not a nice way to start 2021 is it? There must be a lot of us are not sure about what we can or can’t do. I put some detail of the third lockdown below. I hope you would find it helpful.

Guidance from the government is pretty much the same as back in March which we must stay home with exceptions as before. This lockdown is expected to go on until the middle of February. All primary and secondary schools and colleges will move to remote learning with exams cancelled.

You can go out unless…

  1. You’re a key worker or volunteer when your job really can’t be done at home.

  2. Essential shopping is needed

  3. Education – schools for the children for key workers or vulnerable children remain open

  4. You care for disabled or vulnerable or to attend a support group

  5. You need to go to the GP. Get a test for covid.

  6. You need to visit someone who is giving birth/ in life critical time, in a care home or hospital, who needs accompanying to an appointment.

  7. You want to visit places of worship

Who you can visit?

  1. Your household (The people you live with)

  2. Your support bubble (a fixed linked household but very specific criteria)

  3. You children bubble (the child you’re looking after, NOT for socialising)

  4. One other person (one-to-one in a public outdoor space while exercising)

Where you can go to relax?

  1. The playground

  2. Park

  3. Beach

  4. Automatic car wash

*All indoor and outdoor gyms, tennis courts, swimming pools and golf courses ,Primark, the zoo, campsites and non-essential shops are closed.

Get a test for covid to make sure you are not carrying the virus and spreading it. *Around 1 in 3 people with covid-19 don’t have any symptoms but can still pass it on. Especially with the new strain of the virus which spreads even faster, we have to act cautiously!

If you leave home without a reasonable excuse. The police can issue a Fixed Penalty Notice of £200 for the first offence, reaching up to a maximum of £6,400.

I know it’s hard and it feels like we’re trapped in this forever. I feel frustrated when I heard about the third lockdown announcement, but it’s okay to be frustrated, it’s okay to be sad! Remember that you’re not alone. Please talk to friends and family if you need to. We will get through it. Sending love to everyone. Please don’t lose hope and stay safe!

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