1. Donating savings on travel
    Making a saving on your commute? Why not pledge to donate your savings to charity. Encourage your friends and family to do the same.

  2. eBay your clutter
    Clear out your wardrobes and sell it on ebay, get your friends and family involved. You can also recycle clothes by weight, get paid per kg & donate the proceeds.

  3. Online quiz
    Host a pub quiz online, ask some tough questions and give your friends an intellectual challenge, or play 'Whose house is this'. Ask for an entry fee to take part.

  4. Lockdown hair cut
    Ask your family or flatmates to cut your head at home and get yourself sponsored. Make sure to share photos or a video online for all your supporters to see the results.

  5. Challenge yourself!
    Staying fit can improve your physical and mental wellbeing. Give yourself the challenge of exercising every day for a month. Set a daily target like the number of steps or a target distance. Ask your friends to sponsor you.

  6. A home workout
    Organise a workout session and get your family and friends to join you online. Ask everyone to pay an entry fee to take part. Stay active and stay social, in the safety of your own home.

  7. A foodie fundraiser
    Hold an online bake-off with family, friends and work colleagues. Ask people to pay an entry fee using an online donation platform. On the day get them to post their bakes and vote on the best.

  8. Online book club
    Organise a virtual book club. Discuss your favourite books with your family, friends and colleagues. Let people join for a small entry fee.

  9. Gaming tournament
    Challenge your friends to a gaming tournament. Choose a game and host it on Twitch. Ask your participants and followers to donate.

  10. Involve your kids
    Are your children getting restless being indoors all day? Keep them busy by helping you with your fundraising activities.